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Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Realms of Ruin

PS5 Details

Native PS5 application


Release Date
November 17, 2023


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  • Most polished and lively take on Warhammer
  • Replicates spectacle of tabletop game
  • Evokes the physicality of RTS combat
  • Visuals and sounds tie closely to source material
  • Captures cinematic story campaign atmosphere
  • Excellent RTS mechanics for extended exploration and skirmishes
  • Well implemented UI and controls
  • Good for genre newbies due to accessibility options
  • Has a replayable Conquest mode
  • Generates unique battle scenarios
  • Multiplayer mode with 4 different factions
  • Ability to tailor army structure and livery
  • Detailed creation and sharing system
  • Might be too similar to other strategy adaptations
  • Streamlined battles might disappoint strategy savants
  • Lack of base building mechanics
  • Enemies can spawn behind player causing inconvenience
  • Not for those who want broader scoped challenge
  • Cemented Warhammer world is fascinating
  • Gritty, hard fought reality of the game is beguiling
  • RTS action feels natural
  • Game's tactical side feels well covered
  • Neat weapon triangle play
  • Each unit has unique skills
  • Army growth and unit recruitment feature is interesting
  • Realms of Ruin ensures player remains active
  • Blend of attack and defence creates competitive scene in multiplayer
  • Cross-play across PC, PS5 and Xbox Series
  • Wide array of units for each faction
  • Selections of well-known Age of Sigmar armies
  • Customisation and creation tools are available
  • Map Editor allows for level creation
  • You are allowed to edit army look
  • Enjoyable, well-balanced gameplay
  • Console players might be at disadvantage with number of commands
  • Not enough factions at launch
  • Customisation control is fairly simplistic
  • RTS gameplay not groundbreaking or extremely innovative

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