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SteamWorld Build

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Native PS5 application


Release Date
December 1, 2023
Metacritic Score


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  • Challenging city-building and dungeon crawler hybrid game.
  • Offers variety of maps to play on.
  • Engaging gameplay involving managing and meeting citizens' needs.
  • Unlock different groups of citizens introducing new resources.
  • Underground levels with miners and mechanics add to complexity.
  • Advanced tech allows access to new mine areas.
  • Train station grants bonuses and resource trade.
  • Satisfying gameplay loop of expansion and resource acquisition.
  • Nice aesthetics and designs, each map having unique landmarks.
  • Support pillars placement becomes time-consuming.
  • The later stages of a level can feel dull.
  • Attacks do not vary much after the first ones.
  • Can become a waiting game once production is established.
  • Successfully bounces around a number of different genres
  • Ridiculously addictive experience
  • Endearing tale of a small group of steambots
  • Gameplay is the real showcase
  • City-building aspects are simple yet compelling
  • Intuitive UI
  • Optimised controls for consoles
  • Complex supply chain
  • Combines town-building and dungeon exploration
  • Mining resources and tower defense in gameplay
  • Instant switching between the mine and the town
  • Replayability with different modes and difficulty options
  • More relaxed and forgiving gameplay
  • Two different ways to gain resources
  • The story has some obvious plot twists
  • Population needs become demanding
  • Facilities sometimes use the same basic resources
  • Balancing act to maintain influx of resources
  • Managing production levels can be challenging
  • Main story is short
  • No different campaign modes to extend gameplay
  • May be too simplistic for fans of complex management games

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SteamWorld Build | Jingle Bolts | Free Update Out Now
Thunderful Games
Steamworld Build | Launch Trailer
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Thunderful Games
SteamWorld Build | Gameplay Trailer | 2023 for PC, Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch

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