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Helldivers 2

PS5 Details

Native PS5 application


Release Date
February 8, 2024
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  • Nearly same artistic design as Helldivers 1
  • Substantial changes bring distinct differences from predecessor
  • Supports up to four players
  • Embeds a sizable chunk of strategy
  • Additional objectives bring higher rewards
  • Inclusion of stratagems enhances the tactic
  • Improved visibility from the shift in perspective
  • New perspective also allows longer shooting ranges
  • Maintains solid frame rate
  • Explosions and visual effects are impressive
  • Jokes and satires are entertaining
  • Several progression currencies, not too predatory
  • Satisfying shooting feel
  • Upcoming steady stream of content
  • Lack of split-screen multiplayer
  • Cannot play offline
  • Experienced several crashes
  • Terminally online game
  • Repetitive mission design
  • Same game play as predecessor
  • Missing local multiplayer functionality
  • Has battle passes and in-game purchase options
  • Nails the tone and style of Starship Troopers
  • Third-person shooter camera
  • Super Carrier provides heavy weaponry and various Stratagem
  • Possibility of massive screen-shaking destruction
  • Progression includes unlocking new Stratagems
  • Exciting to play with friends
  • Variety in planetary biomes
  • A lot of player progression opportunities
  • Reasonable and fair freemium model
  • Problems with matchmaking at launch
  • Chaotic situations can lead to 'friendly fire'
  • Can get overwhelmed when playing solo
  • Limited variety in missions
  • Different challenge provided by two enemy races
  • Currency system can appear confusing
  • Issues with server instability and crash bugs
  • Great fun with friends on PS5
  • Best co-op game on PS5
  • Third-person perspective impressively tuned
  • Stunning graphics with excellent lighting
  • Runs at solid 60 frames-per-second
  • Phenomenal sound design
  • Best-in-class DualSense haptics
  • Inspiring score
  • Balanced power fantasy
  • Entertaining mission structure
  • Risk-reward system
  • Progression baked into difficulty with Stratagems
  • 47 Stratagems to unlock
  • Impactful playstyle changes with Stratagem upgrades
  • Encounters are epic and cinematic
  • Teamwork is essential
  • Community experience with liberation system
  • Affordable and unobtrusive in-game store
  • Epic and often cinematic experience
  • Limited accessibility
  • Slow process to unlock Stratagems
  • Liberated planets get locked off
  • Potential pay-to-win elements
  • Matchmaking issues
  • Hard crashes
  • Mission rewards not always carried over

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