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Release Date
September 30, 2023
Metacritic Score


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  • Developer Square Enix's new venture
  • Has distinct style and character
  • Distinct from games in its genre
  • Initial 6 different 'Foamstars' to pick from
  • Each Foamstar has its own set of abilities
  • Interesting game modes like 'Smash the Star'
  • Atmospheric foam and party themes
  • Variety of maps and scenes
  • Jazzy music amps up the fights
  • Distinctive character designs
  • Fleshed-out world of Foamstars
  • Small details create strong first impression
  • Small annoyances lead to frustration
  • Excessive monetisation of game
  • Cosmetic items are overly expensive
  • Disappointing use of AI for album art
  • Matchmaking needs improvement
  • Regularly kicked back to main lobby
  • Single player mode is not enjoyable
  • Single-player missions lack variety
  • Flat and disconnected voice-acting
  • Limited content at launch
  • Unclear about future updates
  • Delightfully playful and simple concept
  • Unique character loadouts
  • Family friendly and hygienic game
  • Interactive lobby with shooting range and decorating
  • Game modes offer different gameplay styles
  • Includes missions for solo and cooperative play
  • Permanent stat co-op bonuses
  • Relatively light additional monetisation
  • Simultaneously frenzied and sedate gameplay
  • Sluggish shot trajectory
  • Long waiting times in matchmaking queues
  • Some modes can be confusing
  • Solo missions just extended tutorials
  • Co-op is too basic
  • Overpriced cosmetic bundles
  • Season pass lasts only 30 days
  • Different experience than other games
  • Unique hero shooter
  • Four-player teams
  • Use of foam as weaponry
  • Vibrant arenas filled with suds
  • Unique tactical edge in gameplay
  • Multiple game modes
  • Characters are unique and balanced
  • Refreshing and energetic presentation
  • Highly-polished, stylish game
  • Good use of DualSense's haptics
  • Colorful and entertaining
  • Has potential for strategy
  • Fast-paced and stylish
  • Modes and characters offer fun twists
  • Launch content is slim
  • In-game purchases are expensive
  • Character designs inconsistent
  • Some characters forgettable
  • Co-op missions are bland
  • Matchmaking can sometimes take time


Square Enix
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