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Dandy & Randy DX

PS5 Details

Native PS5 application


Release Date
April 29, 2022
Local Co-op
2 players

Game Description

Dandy and Randy is a 2D top-down old-school game featuring two of the worst archaeologists that have ever graced the Earth.

Dandy and Randy are a couple of archaeologists who are in a pickle. They owe a ton of money to their bank, and they need a way to pay it back, or they are done for! Luckily, they have just received the information about a mysterious, fabled precious stone showing up on a faraway island.

Can they find it, pay back their debts, and at the same time become rich? It's up to you to find out!

Play either alone or with a friend! With local co-op anyone can join in the fun at any time during the game. You can even unlock new characters as you play!


  • Travel across the land in both single-player or local multiplayer co-op.

  • Fight a diverse cast of enemies.

  • Discover tons of treasures, hidden or not.

  • Solve puzzles and feel smart about it!

  • Unlockable characters!

  • A shop system with encouraging help!

  • Cute art style for all ages! Try playing with your grandma.

  • Hidden levels and more.

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Ratalaika Games
Dandy & Randy DX - Trailer

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