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Returnal cheats discovered – but a patch to remove them is on the way

Published by Tim Hanlon on May 6, 2021 at 12:35:07 AM UTC

If you've been struggling with crashes, bad RNG, and the obscene difficulty of Returnal, here's something that'll help.

YouTuber TheRandomizer has discovered some cheat codes which were left over from the development process. Fortunately, there's nothing exactly game-breaking, like infinite health or infinite lives. All you need is a USB keyboard.

Here are the cheat codes that have been found (so far):

  • Hold Shift, Control, and Alt, then press any numeric key to drop a random roll of a specific gun, at your current proficiency level

  • Hold Shift and Control, then press 4 to start at the beginning of a new instance of the first biome with all your items and obolites

Note: don't use the first biome code once you're in biome 4 or higher – it'll leave you stuck there.

So now you can run through the first biome several times, build up your max integrity, and make sure you have an astronaut figure, and plenty of useful artefacts (I highly recommend Resinous Shield) before you tackle whichever biome or boss has been giving you grief.

If you want to buy yourself some time to use these codes before they're patched, take your PlayStation 5 offline.

Via Reddit

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