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Logitech goes direct drive: meet the G PRO racing wheel and pedals

Published by Tim Hanlon on September 22, 2022 at 1:31:07 AM UTC

Logitech has been a stalwart supporter of console racers for decades, but its belt-driven wheels have been overdue for an upgrade for some time – until today's surprise announcement of the G PRO direct drive wheel.

The benefit of a direct drive wheel is that there are no belts or gears between the motor and the wheel, so you're getting a faster and more accurate representation of the force feedback from the game.

The motor in the G PRO racing wheel generates 11 Nm of torque. For reference, Fanatec's GT DD Pro comes in 5 Nm and 8 Nm varieties, though this isn't necessarily a "more is better" scenario. Even if you are strong enough to handle a wheel like this at full beans, you're unlikely to want to for very long.

The pedals feature a 100 kilogram load cell, which measures your braking force rather than the position of the pedal using a potentiometer, though it can be adjusted to provide a softer feel if that's your preference.

But all this doesn't come cheap. The wheel has a list price of $999.99 USD / $1499.95 AUD, and the pedals are a further $349.99 USD / $599.95 AUD.

The G PRO wheel is available now direct from Logitech US and Logitech UK.

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