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Unicorn Overlord

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Native PS5 application


Release Date
March 8, 2024
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  • Deep and layered experience
  • Traditional medieval fantasy setting
  • Plot moves at a brisk pace
  • Alain's character allows flexibility in the story
  • The vast array of unique characters
  • Open map with variety of objectives
  • Non-linear conflicts for smoother gameplay
  • Dynamic action in battles
  • Intricate battle system allows player expression
  • Mock battles for practice
  • No permadeath in base game
  • Range of unique characters
  • Small side stories add depth
  • Gorgeous art style and detail
  • Soundtrack adds to the experience
  • Game theme and setting is not unique
  • A lack of guide for battle system for beginners
  • Permadeath is locked behind hardest difficulty
  • Vanillaware's great track record
  • Strategy RPG that takes inspiration from classic games
  • Art style is trademark Vanillaware and modernised
  • World of medieval fantasy adds an old school feel
  • Over 60 recruitable heroes
  • Addictive process of recruiting new allies
  • Genuinely engrossing party management aspect
  • Unique unit system and endless combinations
  • Learning curve is largely a thing of beauty
  • Battles can be paused at any moment
  • Ability to prepare for battles emphasized
  • Customisable unit strengths and weaknesses
  • Fast-forward and skip options available for longer fights
  • Large overworld map to traverse
  • Gorgeous release with fantastic art direction
  • Best example of strategy RPG genre played in years
  • Plot doesn't quite weigh up to the rest of the package
  • Flat princely protagonist
  • Storytelling is largely dry and serious
  • Longer fights can be tedious for less patient players
  • Overworld map isn't completely open

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