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Tomb Raider I-III Remastered

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Native PS5 application


Release Date
February 14, 2024
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  • Franchise had huge impact on video game culture
  • Tomb Raider I-III are available with their expansions
  • Improvements and features have been added
  • Option to switch between original and modern visuals
  • Significant visual improvements
  • Choice between old-school and Modern Controls
  • Addition of modern controls is helpful for newcomers
  • Incremental improvements in each game of the series
  • Brilliant level design
  • Challenging puzzles and exploration
  • Unique environments in each game
  • Rewarding secrets to discover
  • Precise platforming and environmental interaction
  • Diverse adversaries to combat
  • Expansions provide challenging puzzles
  • Aspyr Media did a brilliant job remastering
  • Game now suitable for both new and old players
  • Absence of Tomb Raider The Last Revelation
  • Visuals aren't as advanced as expected from PS5
  • Dated texture work
  • Modern controls feel incongruous with vintage gameplay
  • Difficulties with ancient inputs
  • Issues with spotting climbable points
  • Camera issues lead to loss of track
  • Unpleasant difficulty spikes, particularly in Tomb Raider III
  • Combat can be clunky and stiff
  • Notable flaws due to game age
  • Lara Croft is an iconic character
  • Includes initial trilogy of adventures
  • Remastered by experienced developer Aspyr Media
  • Maintains original gameplay with optional modern tweaks
  • Level design is well-executed
  • Visual overhaul improves graphic quality
  • Preserves retro aesthetic
  • Toggle between original and remastered visuals
  • Added photo mode
  • Trope of unlockable achievements added
  • Game can feel clunky
  • Platforming can be frustrating
  • Game has camera issues
  • Controls are a dilemma to choose from
  • Shooting mechanics are jumbled
  • Finding the way forward isn't always clear
  • Outstanding job reimagining the 90s classics
  • Includes a more modern control scheme
  • Maintains authenticity with the original releases
  • Ability to toggle between updated and original graphics
  • Artwork during loading screens can be toggled
  • Impressive remastered graphics
  • Lara's model is a distinctive achievement
  • Original Tomb Raider gradually introduces abilities
  • All three games are globe-trotting affairs
  • Ambitious sequels
  • Comprehensive package with three expansions remastered
  • Almost 300 Trophies to collect
  • Preserves the experience of the originals
  • Outdated design philosophy
  • Movement is cumbersome
  • Puzzles are obtuse
  • The opening level of Tomb Raider 3 is a mess
  • Sequels assume knowledge of previous games
  • Steering the camera and lining up can be annoying
  • Lack of a rewind function
  • Combat is sloppy
  • Small actions can be an exercise in patience
  • PS5 version lacks Platinum Trophies

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