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Skull and Bones

PS5 Details

Native PS5 application


Release Date
March 9, 2023
Metacritic Score
Online Co-op
3 players
Online Multiplayer
20 players


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  • Game has sumptuous visuals
  • Very realistic environments and weather effects
  • Detailed ship design
  • Elegant UI for an online game
  • Sailing is simple and accessible
  • Combative gameplay is rambunctious and thrilling
  • Weapons customization options
  • Online play is conserved and flexible
  • Supportive and engaged gaming community
  • Delayed game release
  • Interest in the game has waned
  • Limited exploration
  • No free running combat
  • Vast ocean with limited interactions
  • Intensive resource gathering required
  • Slow leveling
  • Dull trading mechanics
  • Uninspiring treasure maps
  • Ridiculous resource-gathering mechanics
  • Addictive and vibrant piracy simulator
  • Freedom in player approaches
  • Beautifully runs on PS5
  • Large-scale fleet battles
  • Interconnected world of swashbuckling action
  • Compelling naval combat
  • Expansive and reactive aquatic play space
  • Incredible sailing feels
  • Immersive gameplay with realistic weather effects and wave physics
  • Engaging combat with RPG roots
  • Substantial weapon variety
  • Enriched world with various factions
  • Easy to use UI and handy map tool
  • Multiple paths to fortune
  • Great naval combat
  • Dynamic Bounty and Delivery missions
  • Explosive tactical action
  • Numerous game delays
  • Players start with underwhelming ships
  • Slow-paced progression
  • Lack of a robust narrative
  • Generic quest-giving characters
  • Very grindy gameplay
  • Heavy emphasis on material collecting
  • Repetitive gameplay
  • No real-story
  • Absence of variation
  • Short play time for dedicated players

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Skull and Bones Closed Beta will be available from August 25th to August 28th 2023!
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