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When there's nowhere left to hide, the only way out is through...

RUNNER is an arcade-inspired VR driving action game. Players take on the role of Mina, a rogue mod-courier at the center of a massive city-wide pursuit. Beginning in the heart of Presidium, the neon-drenched capitol of the mining colony moon N-351, Mina’s only means of escape is the “Thoroughfare,” a massive highspeed expressway that snakes through the entirety sprawling colony complex.

Pursued by the forces of the Caldara corporation, Mina must race through 7 sectors while fighting off relentless waves of autonomous corporate combat drones.

Using only their wits, their cybernetics, and a unique array of special abilities, the player will become the runner in this fast-paced, kinetic VR experience.


  • RUNNER features visceral first-person driving gameplay that embraces the unique visual style of late 1980’s prestige anime.

  • Players take control of their motorcycle, weaving in-and-out of traffic at breakneck speeds while fending off waves of enemy attackers.

  • The action punctuated by an original and dynamic music system set to an incredible throwback soundtrack composed by Fat Bard.

  • Players can customize the look of their bike with unique paint and lighting combinations before jumping into the fray.

  • Multiple vehicles are unlockable, each with its own set of unique traits and handling characteristics.

  • Autonomous motorcycles, UAVs, hunter-killer tanks, sniper quadrupeds, covert assassin vehicles and larger-than-life bosses lie in wait to put an end to Mina’s escape.

  • 360-degree freeform gunplay, utilizing twin checkpoint automatic pistols integrated into the control yoke of her bike.

  • Powerups collected along Mina’s route further enhance the weapons at the player’s disposal, with powerful options such as scattershot, lasers, and much, much more.

  • The arsenal also includes heavy ordinance such as grenades, lock-on missiles, and an integrated vehicle cannon with multiple upgradable fire modes.


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