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Prince of Persia The Lost Crown

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Native PS5 application


Release Date
January 18, 2024
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  • A different approach to previous Prince of Persia games
  • Offers a Metroidvania 2.5D adventure
  • An immersive world with secrets and branching paths
  • Citizens provide critical info and upgrade equipment
  • Includes useful marker feature for unreachable areas
  • Fast-paced, challenging platforming sections
  • Skills to unlock and relics to equip
  • Relics can be upgraded
  • Wide variety of combat moves and combos
  • Impressive art style, with good music and voice work
  • Some unreachable areas and treasures early in the game
  • Platforming sections can test your patience
  • Relic upgrades use more slots
  • Challenging platforming sections
  • Lack of fast travel locations
  • Best Prince of Persia game in 21 years
  • Flexible protagonist with a mysterious past
  • Incorporates power-ups
  • Beautifully rendered depths
  • Encounters with hordes of enemies and epic bosses
  • Finest example of the metroidvania genre
  • Precise and immaculate controls
  • Sargon is responsive and constantly moving
  • Exquisite combat system
  • Variety of enemies with unique fighting styles
  • Special attack features
  • Game is accessible, with adjustable difficulty levels
  • Combat tutorial is available
  • Excellent in-game map
  • Secret routes, hidden quests, and unlockables
  • Memory Shards aid exploration and save time
  • Visually appealing
  • Fusion of Persian mythology and culture
  • Fresh take on old formula
  • Gruesome sewer section with instant death traps
  • Sudden spike in difficulty level
  • Absence of a map during challenging sections
  • Publisher didn't play it safe
  • Sides-scrolling action platformer with Metroidvania structure
  • Interesting new direction for the franchise
  • Fun narrative through-line
  • Intricate world design
  • Smooth movement with tight, responsive controls
  • Slick and technical combat
  • Unshakeable technical performance and stylish visuals
  • Long playtime between 20 and 30 hours
  • Map gradually opens up
  • Variety in map's design and location
  • Great environments full of hidden areas and challenges
  • Abilities like double jump, air dash and time warping
  • Wide variety of enemies
  • Ability-enhanced combat
  • Amulets provide passive bonuses
  • Shopkeeper and smith available for upgrades
  • Boss fights are a test of skills
  • Variety of side missions and collectibles
  • A lot to discover in the game
  • Rewards for smart playing
  • Combination of series' 2D past and time-bending powers
  • Gameplay at its core is rewarding and satisfying
  • Fresh new way for the franchise
  • Game visuals appear dated when close up
  • Backtracking in large map can feel exacerbated
  • Enthusiasm can lull towards the end
  • Story once or twice ramps up only to send off on another quest
  • Sheer size of the game can slow its own momentum

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