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Marvel's Spider-Man 2

PS5 Details

Native PS5 application
PS5 exclusive
120Hz Mode


Release Date
October 20, 2023
Metacritic Score

PS5 Graphics

Dynamic 2160p
30 FPS Target
Performance Mode Resolution
Dynamic 1440p
Performance Mode FPS
60 FPS Target
Performance Mode Raytracing


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  • Offers a fantastic return to Insomniac's detailed version of the Big Apple
  • The game has a comprehensively rounded understanding of what makes a superhero video game work
  • Maintains the core open-world action-adventure formula with new features
  • Stunningly detailed depiction of New York City
  • Presence of a parry system enhances combat
  • Integrates a kaleidoscope of tone
  • Side activities meaningfully fill out character development
  • Allows for seamless switching between Peter Parker and Miles Morales
  • Successful utilization of narrative and mission interplay
  • Superb character development
  • Technically impressive, pushing the PlayStation 5's capabilities
  • Excellent and powerful story execution
  • Fast travel availability is locked behind progression system
  • Not all character models have the same level of detail as main characters
  • No New Game Plus mode available yet
  • Exceptional traversal and ever-evolving combat system
  • Strong emotional narrative
  • Welcomed mechanics and additions to the formula
  • Arrival of wingsuit add-on
  • Each character has own skill tree
  • Spider-Man's abilities have become more spectacular
  • New abilities keep gameplay engaging
  • Meaningful and resonant comic book tale
  • Kraven storyline makes compelling antagonist
  • Great voice acting
  • Amusing incidental events keep tone authentic
  • Plenty of side activities for extended gameplay
  • Use of DualSense controller for immersive gameplay
  • Visually stunning with impressive graphics
  • Array of graphical options for customization
  • Emotional beats did not meet expectations
  • Miles' side of the story could have been richer
  • Climactic story moments felt petulant rather than powerful
  • Graphics improvements are incremental and not distinct
  • Deeper, more nuanced experience than the original
  • Traversal is riveting
  • Added layers of complexity
  • Game-changing addition with Web Wings
  • Increased pace of traversing the skyline
  • Exhilarating movement mechanics
  • Encourages exploring the city
  • Streamlined combat
  • Game presents a higher challenge
  • Narrative is engaging
  • Symbiote plays a prominent role in combat
  • Story aligns closely with gameplay
  • Side missions emphasize the character of Spider-Man
  • Stronger writing in the sequel
  • Mental cost of using the symbiote
  • Miles’ storyline progression is slow
  • Some side missions are outnumbered by action-focused missions
  • Great cast of characters and solid story
  • Best traversal mechanics
  • Web-swinging and gliding feels smooth
  • Improved, challenging combat system
  • Stealth feature upgraded
  • Constant joy and pleasure to play
  • Meaningful side missions
  • Ability to play as both Peter Parker and Miles Morales
  • Improved side content
  • Great superhero main narrative
  • Ramped up gameplay with Black Suit
  • Expanded open world
  • High technical level
  • Fast travel and character swapping
  • Good use of DualSense implementation
  • Combat can get repetitive
  • Story pacing issues
  • Lingers on narrative beats too long
  • Rushed ending sequences
  • Slight reservations regarding pacing in main narrative
  • MJ's missions were contentious addition
  • Few technical glitches like dialogue not playing and strange clipping through the floor

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