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Granblue Fantasy Versus: Rising

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Native PS5 application


Release Date
November 30, 2023
Metacritic Score


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  • Introduces memorable characters and world
  • Excellent fighting game
  • Upgraded game expansion
  • Includes all DLC fighters and added new ones
  • Plenty of additions and tweaks to game's combat
  • Game is friendly to newcomers
  • Excellent cutscenes and fun side-scrolling combat
  • Finding and equipping artifacts is fun
  • Special attacks can be easily performed
  • Provides plenty for players to do off and online
  • Smooth online playing experience
  • Grand Brute mode is a great addition
  • Can earn and use virtual currency
  • Stunning visuals
  • Epic battle tunes
  • Great voice work
  • Over twenty-five characters to choose from
  • Accessible combat for everyone
  • Story mode remains unchanged
  • Nothing new if you've experienced story before
  • Stronger attacks activate cooldown timer
  • Core modes remained the same
  • Interesting story mode
  • Fully voice acted in Japanese with English subtitles
  • Character mechanics carry over from previous game
  • Well balanced fighting game
  • Includes tutorials for newcomers
  • New Bravery system adds depth
  • Arcade, Training, and Versus modes available
  • In-game store doesn't rely on micro-transactions
  • Robust online modes
  • Cross-play and good net code for online play
  • Beautiful character animation and visuals
  • Mode that lets you create your own diorama scenes
  • 2D beat 'em up segments don't work well
  • Link to Playstation Store on PS5 for micro-transactions
  • Long wait in the queue for online matches
  • Online connection issues boot you to main menu
  • Inconsistent online matchmaking
  • Translations have mistakes in subtitles
  • Sound mixing is bad at times
  • Enhanced re-release of Granblue Fantasy Versus
  • Overhauled combat system
  • Loads of new features
  • Rollback netcode
  • Character roster of 28 distinct combatants
  • Accessible control scheme
  • Beginner-friendly mechanics
  • Guard breaks and defensive counters
  • Increased pace for more impact
  • Improved online functionality with far better netcode
  • Full crossplay available from launch
  • Game is visually gorgeous
  • Feels great to play
  • Original competitive scene was smothered by pandemic
  • Original game had shoddy netcode
  • Online community was dead on arrival
  • Increased pace might not be for everyone
  • Must pay again for the re-release
  • More DLC characters incoming
  • Had a few spotty connections during testing

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