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Granblue Fantasy: Relink

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Release Date
February 1, 2024
Metacritic Score


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  • Cygames has crafted a stellar action-RPG
  • Fantastic cinematography and excellent combat
  • Game provides good tools to understand story
  • Features over twenty characters that can join the party
  • Unique mechanic for each character in combat
  • Visually the game is a strong point
  • Voice work is great, good soundtrack
  • Game rewarding at almost everything
  • Difficult to understand the game's story without prior knowledge
  • Story takes no significant risks
  • Main party of six are the only ones in cutscenes
  • Party members share Mastery Points
  • Recruiting party members is difficult
  • Can't return to previous locations in the story
  • Granblue Fantasy: Relink is an enjoyable action RPG
  • Does the Granblue Fantasy franchise proud
  • Features intense boss battles
  • Similar to Final Fantasy XVI
  • More meaningful progression than Final Fantasy XVI
  • Full control of party
  • Character's loadout can be personalised
  • Great graphics
  • Detailed game world
  • Captivating main narrative
  • Side quests provide important loot
  • Fate Episodes provide character background
  • Multiplayer quests available
  • No context given initially
  • Vaseraga tends to run directly behind player
  • Cutscenes only feature original group
  • Side quests are functional, not engaging
  • Fate Episodes can be unexciting
  • Main story cannot be played in co-op
  • Reliant on other players for quest matchmaking
  • Multiplayer needs Capcom-like support for longevity
  • Emphasizes on action in RPG
  • Accessible hack and slash combat
  • Relies on RPG elements
  • Big playable characters roster
  • Has a single-player story campaign
  • Impressive cinematic set pieces
  • Plot is predictable
  • Has an incredibly long skill tree
  • Every character has a unique fighting style
  • Has a massive number of quests
  • Fantastic character roster and some amazing boss battles
  • Project affected by developer departure
  • Game suffered from multiple delays
  • Single-player story can feel short
  • Narrative isn't anything special
  • Characters don't get a lot of time to express themselves
  • Many quests are repetitive
  • Combat system may not be as addictive as others
  • Visual noise in battles can be distracting
  • Characters have excessive exposition in story
  • Graphic quality is a bit rough
  • Performance mode is capped at 1080p

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