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Dragon's Dogma 2

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Native PS5 application


Release Date
March 22, 2024
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  • Dragon’s Dogma 2 expands the original's unique experience
  • Tells a cohesive story with political intrigue and war
  • Cinematics during action sequences are well animated
  • Freedom to change Vocations, including new ones
  • Pawn system allows recruitment of adventurers
  • World is massive with rewarding exploration and secrets
  • Monsters can be hunted for rare materials
  • Campsites allow rest and healing
  • Upgradeable materials can be used from storage
  • Intense and varied encounters with intelligent enemies
  • Can scale monsters to reach their weak points
  • Fantastic soundtrack with effective sound design
  • Simple dialogue conversations reveal limitations
  • All Pawns you recruit, except for the one you create, don't level up
  • Fast travel mechanic is expensive
  • Weight and item management can be tedious
  • Playstyle can be impeded by weight limitations
  • Can only have four skills equipped from dozens available
  • Game becomes difficult to navigate at night
  • World is expansive and full of secrets
  • Unique, unpredictable quest design
  • Limited fast travel enhances world's realism
  • Different, dynamic combat mechanisms
  • Allows for varied gameplay like sneaking, political intrigues
  • High-quality graphics and rendering on PC
  • Provides a variety of different monsters and bosses
  • New hybrid vocations offer more fun
  • Better vocation-changing mechanism that impacts base stats
  • In-game story is immersive
  • Lack of sequel recognition in title screen
  • NPCs sometimes have difficult tasks
  • Unpredictability of world can result in unexpected difficulties
  • Missing specific upgrade vocations for some classes
  • Frame rate issues in console version
  • Glitches causing disappearance of pawns in console version
  • Sequel maintains original game's emphasis on adventure
  • Enhanced resources and budget result in immersive gameplay
  • Extensive and thrilling map design
  • Significant enhancements in character classes
  • Strives for more nuanced narrative
  • Side quests add context to the world
  • Dynamic map keeps gameplay fresh
  • Inclusion of survival mechanics enhances sense of adventure
  • Impressive, varied combat system
  • Pawn system offers unique gameplay experience
  • Improved pawn AI
  • Visually stunning environment
  • Tends to rely on go-here-get-this objectives
  • Frame rate fluctuates, can dip very low
  • Lack of intensive character-focused narrative
  • Poor dialogue animations, lack of adequate lip-syncing
  • Narrative takes a backseat to adventuring
  • Pawn system's lack of co-op option might be questioned by new players
  • Needs post-launch optimization for consistent frame rate

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