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Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons Remake

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Native PS5 application


Release Date
February 28, 2024
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  • Remake maintains original game's enchanting, otherworldly look
  • Visual overhaul with Unreal Engine 5 enhances atmosphere
  • Local co-op is a new, optional feature
  • Rapid pacing creates sense of adventure
  • Gameplay mechanics still delightfully simple
  • Plenty of support for backward compatibility
  • Game is short, only around three hours
  • Some may feel the remake is unsolicited
  • Co-op mode might oversimplify gameplay
  • Ending credits may feel premature
  • Emotional and resonant story
  • Mechanical controls are unique
  • Musical and graphical overhauls are spectacular
  • Puzzle-solving involves both brothers
  • Mechanics convey significant character differences
  • Small details add depth to gameplay
  • Freshly recorded score and art direction are impressive
  • Graphical overhaul is substantial
  • Lighting nuances contribute to environment
  • Gameplay can cause frustration
  • Co-op mode reduces gameplay experience
  • No major innovations in co-op mode
  • Some environment interactions look unnatural
  • Occasional frame rate dip
  • Game crashed and corrupted save data
  • Age of the title is noticeable
  • Co-op mode changes the fundamental experience
  • Technically the game doesn't hold up to modern standards

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