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Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora

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Release Date
December 7, 2023
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  • Open world action adventure game
  • Play as a Na’vi, one of the blue-skinned inhabitants of Pandora
  • Character creation system available
  • 'Guided' mode marks objectives
  • 'Exploration' mode for finding objectives oneself
  • Three difficulty settings
  • Unique storyline
  • Three regions, each ruled by a different clan
  • Requires strategic gameplay
  • Visuals and performance on PlayStation 5 are good
  • No bugs encountered
  • Authentic Avatar world
  • Similar to previous Far Cry games
  • Limited enemy types and weapons
  • Game can get repetitive
  • Requires a lot of leveling up
  • No traditional XP leveling system
  • Gameplay largely involves shooting arrows at mechs
  • Stealth approach often impractical
  • Hacking tool puzzles lack variety
  • Map too big and mostly empty
  • Frequent texture pop-ins
  • Game traplay lacks variety
  • Ubisoft did an incredible job bringing Pandora to life
  • Offers a separate storyline from mainline Avatar
  • Player can forge own identity within Na'vi people
  • Thrilling conversations, asides, side-quests
  • Huge map full of realistic, obtainable objectives
  • James Cameron’s environmental message handled with nuance
  • Crafting and survival systems are central to progression
  • One can explore, search, and forage
  • Gameplay makes player feel at one with the world
  • Involving combat sequences
  • Can be played entirely in co-op with cross-platform connectivity
  • Exceptional graphics
  • Realistic dynamics with plant life
  • Involves building relationships and gathering the support of tribes
  • Exploration and discovery are key elements
  • Player actions have a major effect on the game world
  • Human/Na'vi programme is about training Na'vi to be soldiers
  • Some quests are petty squabbles or family disputes
  • Freedom can be overwhelming
  • Game forces you to manually place way points
  • Can feel like a repackaging of Far Cry or Rage 2
  • Has enchanting open-worlds on PS5.
  • Interpretation was successful.
  • Receives attention to detail for lore.
  • Exciting free-roaming experience.
  • One of the best-looking games on PS5.
  • Impressive level of detail and density of foliage.
  • Good sound design.
  • Fun bow combat.
  • Innovative crafting system.
  • Smart incentive for players to clear the map.
  • Great level of detail for Avatar fans.
  • Exemplary DualSense implementation.
  • Story goes as expected.
  • Lack of enemy variety.
  • Some side activities felt fruitless.
  • Possible difficulty in navigation with Exploration setting.
  • Some parts of the soundtrack didn't hit.

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