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Alisa Developer's Cut

PS5 Details

Native PS5 application


Release Date
February 6, 2024
Metacritic Score


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  • Alisa channels era of horror well
  • Utilizes pre-rendered backgrounds effectively
  • Voice work is campy and interesting
  • Audio enhances the overall experience
  • Incorporates comical traits
  • Provides a unique PS1-era experience
  • Offers different control options
  • Figuring out boss fights is rewarding
  • Design of enemies is cool and unsettling
  • Spins into its own style
  • Oddities and mishaps occur
  • Aiming controls require too much precision
  • Tank controls may be difficult for some
  • Can grow too powerful, trivializing fights
  • Random enemy almost guarantees instant kill
  • Fixed cameras often hide enemies
  • Some enemies become inactive after prolonged avoidance
  • Controls are naturally wonky
  • Looming threat misses the mark
  • Some may not enjoy the campy presentation
  • Freudian uncanny applied effectively
  • Stylish opening cutscene
  • Nails early PS1 aesthetic
  • Range of locations to explore
  • Unsettling music enhances atmosphere
  • Detailed backstory and setting
  • Abundant weaponry fits the game's period
  • No inventory limit
  • Addition of melee weapons
  • Variety of items for purchase
  • Challenging boss fights
  • Poor voice acting
  • PS5 version controls frustrating
  • No ability to set movement to D-Pad
  • Histoy and setting not fully explored
  • Final boss can be exploited
  • One unkillable enemy can block view and escape

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